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Born and raised in Brazil, Chef Vincent from an early age was interested in what was happening in the kitchen. The sounds, smells, and all the "magic" that could happen there.​

Soon he found his way into the kitchen and at age 10 he would observe his mother cook while helping her in small tasks.

At the age of fourteen, he found himself at the stove with no mom to help. Vincent is the youngest of three kids. His two older sisters never liked the kitchen as much as he did and it was then, when his mother had to leave the house to work, that he was in control of the meals of the house.

As time passed, he improved his cooking skills,  by looking and experimenting, being completely self-taught. At this time, he knew he loved good food and the flavor chemistry that he found in the kitchen. So at age 20, he decided to take the next step and study Culinary Arts at a University in São Paulo, Brazil.

A short time after graduation, he was employed in a large professional kitchen and for the past 23 years, Chef Vincent has traveled to many countries, as a professional chef, with his knives in his bag.

Chef Vincent has made an international career in the hospitality field working with large corporations and managing large kitchens and their large budgets, but his passion for cooking and great food has never left his heart.

Today, he is dedicated to providing the most amazing meals and experiences to clients all over the world. And put a smile on the faces of who eats his food.


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